(Quality of) life changes

It has been a while since I last wrote here. I added a song in late January but my latest post dates back almost a year ago. Two posts were written in the past year but remain unpublished, and most likely they will never see the light of day. I figured I might as well discuss my personal life on here for once. A life update.

After finishing my first year of computer science, I was kind of done with the study. The level simply felt too low for it to be a real challenge, and I didn't feel I had learnt a lot. Examples: it took almost a year to go through basic programming, the majority didn't know how to use git. The mathematics were also lacking in rigour, more like a test in memory and training than in insight. So I decided to switch over to mathematics.

The switch meant having to start over from scratch (interestingly, first year mathematics students needed only to take two CS classes to obtain their first year of CS), but that hasn't bothered me much. I try to pick up some CS classes on the side from time to time since I still like software and am perhaps interested in developing in the future. But the main focus is now pure mathematics.

Now, about half a year in, I don't regret my choice for a single bit. Mathematics is a challenge! I already did one retake exam (I barely passed the course initially but still wanted to make sure I got it right), and the homeworks are a struggle every single time. The only thing I don't really like is calculus. Which is arguably a huge part of the field but so far it's manageable and there's enough abstract stuff like linear algebra and group theory to keep me happy. So education is now great.

In other news, I quit being a scout leader half a year ago due to some frictions, but mostly time constraints, as I now actually have to work for my study. The lack of leaders led to a merge of two groups (boys and girls, same age). I had the pleasure of standing in last week and they seem to be doing great. A lot better than the sort of messy getting-by we were still in after some major reforms before I left, so I think everyone agrees it was a good thing I called it quits there and then, in retrospect at least (...) .

For the same reasons I quit my job at the Dutch Future Society. It was a hasty, suboptimal parting with some regrets involved (the board was painfully and outside of my knowledge also thinking about reforms of their own when I announced I wanted to stop on pretty short notice). Not too proud of how it was wrapped up, but glad I did all the same. We started having some serious differences in opinions as to how the new website had to be developed as well. Looks like they haven't made much progress on that since I left, the old site is still up. I get a lot of interesting e-mails though so DFS looks to be going strong in the most important department.

After some jobless months I landed a great part time job (got invited by a friend) at a cereal bar factory in the area. While the work for DFS was very unpredictable as to how much time was required, and called for a lot of flexibility, this is a steady, one time a week, fixed time gig, so that is great for planning. We clean mainly the machines (hygiene, stall prevention). It's a far less technical job, but the work is varied (lots of different machines) and it's more physical, which is nice from time to time. On top of that, a good friend questioned my ability to do manual labor so this is also to show that of course I, too, can work. (I'm a nerd, Ruben, not a spoiled brat - I hope)

One might think I have a lot of free time on my hands at the moment, after all the things I dropped. That is sadly not the case. Enough to occasionally hang out with friends and - apparently - to write lengthy blog posts, so I'd say a healthy amount. Most Saturday evenings are spent at scouting with my own age group, if we have enough people. Which isn't always since we have only four active members. We are planning to have a one week summer camp though, so that is exciting! No solids yet. There's also this plan to go on a holiday with some friends in preparation for us living together (if we find a place at least), but there's a lot of work to do for that as well.

All in all, lots of things have changed in my life. I changed lots of things in my life. Overall I'm happy with the result. Some personal connections have detoriated because of my choices, I'm not too fond of that. But others have become more interesting, and retaining the status quo probably wouldn't have been good for my mental state. So, net result is positive.

Anything, anything technical? Well I've been playing with ggez, a KISS game framework for Rust. I like the language so far, and this library in particular is fun to experiment with. That's all, sorry.

This time I'll just upload this piece and maybe edit later instead of letting it sit there as I did with the previous two posts that subsequently never made it. Hope to be back soonish with more good news, and perhaps something productive. /rant